Ginkgo Leadership at CEC Convention

Zhao Chun Li (Angel) will be presenting with Ginkgo Academy Executive Director, Dr. Kathy Johnson, and Advisory Group members Dr. Craig Barringer and Dr. Mian Wang at the Council for Exceptional Children Annual Convention,held this coming year in San Antonio, Texas. Chun Li and Kathy will present on Saturday  morning, April 6, 2013, in the sessions especially devoted to those involved with special education outside of the US and Canada.  Read more about the convention here: CEC April 2013 Convention 

Dr. Craig Barringer of Special Education at the University of Vermont, and Dr. Mian Wang, University of Calif., Santa Barbara, will be presenting and leading discussions about the history, changing cultural biases, curriculum, and inclusion barriers in rural and urban China. They will present on Saturday morning, April 6, as well.

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