Welcome to Ginkgo Academy

Ginkgo Academy was founded in 2012 by China entrepreneur Chris Barclay, to research, design and build a model bi-lingual inclusive school for children with physical disabilities in Yangshuo China.

We seek to engage a network of agencies and organizations into development, implementation and sustainability of a bilingual, inclusive school and teacher training program in China. We address the educational gap of opportunities for students with physical disabilities in China to align with the Education for All initiative of UNESCO. This project will collaborate with other models of success in China and partner with higher education institutions and the K-12 schools of excellence affiliated with them.

With the support of the Clinton Global Initiative, we have been able to share our story with a greater audience and are now ready to build our first learning center in Mushan Village, Yangshuo. For this we are seeking donors, volunteers and advisors who can help us fulfill the dream of education for China’s excluded children.

Read the Ginkgo Academy Charter here to understand our mission in China.